She said...

I took off work around four to meet Michael at the bank. We were meeting with our loan officer to sign preliminary papers on the mortgage for our house that we would begin building in a couple of months. As we were sitting there he kept grabbing my hand and giving me this silly grin, but of course I just assumed he was being his ornery self. Then when the lady at the bank took the paperwork to the back to make copies Michael started to get really anxious. He continuously was looking around and asking what was taking her so long. When I asked why he was so uneasy he said that he wanted to go out to our land before it got dark. There had been some survey work done out there that week and I guessed that he just wanted to check it out and see where they had staked.

The lady finally made it back with our loan information and we headed out. Michael said that he needed to stop at the stereo store to grab something and I was just going to meet him at the Stillman house. On my way home I called my brother and we got to talking about various things, so when Michael made it to the house I was still on the phone. He was rushing me out the door, but I had to use the restroom before we could drive out there. I could tell that he was frustrated that I had been on the phone instead of being ready to leave. He told me that we had to get there before the sun went down.

On our drive up north to the land Michael was very quiet and didn’t respond much to my questions. I was teasing him about being in such a hurry and acting like he was on a mission! When we arrived to the lot he drove down the middle about halfway up and stopped the car. He opened his door and looked at me to ask if I was going to get out. I was not sure why I would want to get out of the car, but he said that he had something to show me... I walked around to his side of the car where he gave me a hug and began to dance with me. Wow, I thought that he had lost his mind and was acting unusually strange even for him, but I still did not suspect anything.

As we were dancing I noticed how beautiful the sunset was (we made it in time), and he was telling me how much he loved me. Before I knew it Michael was on his knee and I think he asked, “Will you marry me?” But I was too busy grasping what was taking place and began shouting, “No… no, no, no” What I was thinking was “No way, this isn’t happening,” but that was not coming out and Michael was looking really scared and confused. I was able notice his concern but all I could do was grab him from his knee and hug him as I cried. Eventually he asked me what my answer was and if I wanted to see the ring. I calmed down a bit and told him of course I will marry him!